Nikon Creative Lighting System: www.nikonusa.com/Learn-And-Explore/Nikon-Camera-Technology/Camera-Flashes.page 

With my switch from Canon to Nikon, I'm very excited about working with the famous Nikon Creative Lighting System. Nikon has been the leader in flash technology for quite some time. I'm looking forward to producing studio-quality lighting with this very portable setup. I'm using the Nikon SB-800 and the SB-900 Speedlights.  

I regularly work on location, and must be able to control the light from my speedlights. For controlling the light I chose the products, (softbox, umbrellas and reflectors), from Lastolite Professional. www.lastolite.com 

The Ezybox Hotshoe To Go Kit, A softbox for the Hotshoe flash, converts the SB-800 or SB-900 Speedlight from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. 

The kit includes:Ezybox Hotshoe (a 24"x24" softbox with plate), Manfrotto stand, tilthhead bracket, extending handle, padded shoulder bag and circular carry case. Lastolite has an umbrella kit that comes with a bracket (TriFlash) that allows you to attach up to three speedlights on to one light stand. Be sure to check out the All in One Umbrella, which can be used as a silver or white bounce, a white bounce with a silver surface behind, or can be used as a shoot through. To complete my kit, I'm using the TriGrip reflectors which features a molded handle with a securing strap, which allows you to hold the reflector with just one hand. You can add the TriGrip Bracket when you're working alone and want to support the TriGrip reflector. Be sure to check out Lastolite website www.lastolite.com, they have free online training for photographer.  

Savage Paper (http://www.savagepaper.com

Savage Infinity ProScrim is the ideal location light modification system. It is both lightweight, yet strong in windy conditions and is extremely quick to set-up and break down. The collapsable rust-resistant aluminum frame features a cord that runs through for easy setup, and prevents lost pieces. 4 Different reflective surfaces, a diffusing sleeve and carrying bag is included in the kit. 

Honl Photo Products (HonlPhoto.com

Use your portable strobes to their full potential with the easy to use professional lighting accessories for portable shoe mount strobes from HonlPhoto. Designed by noted photojournalist David Honl. David produced an assortment of Snoots, Gels, Grids, Gobos and the Photo Speed Strap that quickly attach to any shoe-mount flash. These creative lighting accessories are a must for the portable strobe user. 

I wanted to try a Beauty dish on my speedlight, and decided to go with the Strobies Portrait Kit from Interfit Photographic (www.interfitphotographic.com) . The kit includes a Beauty Dish, Globe Diffuser, Softbox, Barndoor, Snoot and Honeycomg Grid. The Kit is based around a specially moulded “Flex Mount” individually tailored for a secure fit on your flashguns, without the aid of rubber bands, Velcro or glue. Each modifier is easily swapped without the need for removing the flex mount from the flashgun via the retaining clips and simply pushes on for a secure fit. You'll be impress with the flexibility and quality of this kit. Interfit claims that Strobies is "The Future Of Hotshoe Light Shaping Tools", and I'm looking forward to see how they fulfill that promise.  

Matthews Studio Equipment (http://www.msegrip.com/ ) I'm working with the Matthews 40" C Stand w/Sliding Leg, Grip Head & Arm. This C-Stand will hold a light, flag, or just about anything you can think of at any height or angle. 

All of the gear fits in the carry-on iM2500 Pelican Storm Cases (www.pelican.com) “The Pelican Storm Case iM2500 is the perfect case for on-the-go. Made from a lightweight, proprietary resin, the iM2500 is unconditionally guaranteed for life. With a telescoping handle that locks in place and rugged in-line wheels, the iM2500 is easily maneuverable in any situation. Watertight, dust- and crush-proof, Pelican Storm Case is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.” 

Tether Table Aero Series. http://www.tethertools.com 

The Tether Table Aero, available in a variety of sizes, was designed to support photographers in studio and on-location when shooting tethered or in need of a workstation. It is lightweight and comes with its own durable carrying case for easy transport. The signature bracket on the Tether Table Aero is all about versatility and provides photographers with unlimited configuration options. The patented LAJO-4 bracket allows photographers to mount the table to any tripod, light stand, magic arm, SuperClamp, etc. It includes attachments for the 1/4?-20 tripod head, 3/8? tripod mount or 5/8? stud head as well as any Arca-Style attachment.  

The Tether Table Aero is great for holding a laptop while tethering, but is also a great general purpose workstation for holding gear (lenses, batteries, pocket wizards, etc.) while shooting. Be sure to check out the XDC, The JerkStopper, and the Cable Organization kit accessories to help provide the highest quality tethering solutions for the professional and enthusiast photographer. 



Take the effort out of positioning an overhead light with this extra-tall rolling stand with boom arm. The four-section stand extends 13 feet, and the two-section boom arm extends from 42" to 80", with a 5/8" top mount. The arm comes with a 5-lb. adjustable counterweight. Supports 5 lbs. Stand and arm have black anodized finish to prevent unwanted reflections. Everything can be transported in the provided heavy weight nylon carrying pouch. I'm also using the Raven RS 13 Light Stands